Our business is focussed on providing products and services for calibration of trace gas analysis. 

Our products include our Tracer Cert® unique, refillable and traceable diffusion tubes and thermostat systems in which to use our diffusion tubes and a range of permeation tubes. The temperatures at which our thermostats operate range from 160°C down to -21°C. 

We also offer consultancy services for applied statistics and chemometrics, including in Design and Analysis of Experiments, Statistical Sampling Strategy Design and Analysis, Statistical Process/Quality Control, Statistics for Environmental Regulatory Management and Industrial Hygiene, Reliability/Maintainability Engineering. We run hands-on training workshops on these topics in Birmingham Research Park and on customers’ premises. 

We have an R&D programme on applications of our calibration products (diffusion tubes and thermostat systems) as well as on small benchtop and field-useable, portable soft chemical ionisation mass spectrometers for trace gas/vapour analysis.